Mount Vernon has changed a bit since George's day

About Us

Humans are hard-wired to move (lift, carry, push, pull, walk, run, jump, dip, dodge, zig and zag, etc.) and a person who is inactive cannot possibly reach their full potential. You are a physical being, you are meant to be active. Your body is designed to climb and crawl, run and wrestle. Exercise cleanses your body of stress hormones, improves brain function, emotional condition, and generally improves your quality of life while also increasing the likelihood that your life will live longer.

There are many reasons to strive to be the fittest that you can possibly be. For some, that ideal is to be able to run a marathon.  For others, it is to keep up with your toddler or teenager.  Some still want to work hard and "play hard."  And others we simply want to set ourselves up for a long and fulfilling life.  What can prepare you for all of that without having to be an expert, while fitting it into your busy life?

 Mount Vernon CrossFit.

Our gym came about when three friends decided that it would be awesome to have a gym a little closer to home, while bringing together the community in and around Mount Vernon at the same time. We re-purposed the old DAM(David A Mann) Garage, an old auto body garage, and turned it into a CrossFit gym.  At MVCF we have members at all levels of fitness, with different goals, schedules, ages and lifestyles. Tailoring our programming to our members and to the needs of the community is something we pride ourselves on. We offer a variety of programs, class times, and options for new and experienced members to get the most out of their workouts. New Personal Records (PRs) are celebrated, new goals are set, and we come together as a community as often as possible.