Discovering CrossFit has been the most transformative experience in my life starting from being part of the online community, embarking on my Level 1 in 2007, to coaching clients, and to building the community at CrossFit Balance in 2009 and into the present.  I've been fortunate to find a niche in my life where I can make an impact in peoples' fitness and lives. 

The results are profound and extend beyond just a physical transformation.  Confidence, integrity, grit, perseverance,failures perceived in training are all part of the process of building character and developing as both an athlete and in life. With the guidance of coaches, the support of members, and in an environment that is motivating, we strive to be better each day! It's no wonder CrossFit has grown as the largest fitness mogul over the past decade.  

Fast forward to the present, CrossFit Balance spans across three locations in DC.  We are the haven for those juggling demanding work schedules trying to get in a power hour of fitness, to aspiring competitors, to the most recently 7th Worldwide team at the Reebok CrossFit Games.  Our coaches span from elite rowers, to gymnasts, to Coach Burgener's son who has led the CrossFit Olympic Weightlifting certs, to those coaches providing insight based on their experience at the highest level of this sport.  Each coach has a different style and background, but we all embrace the same core principles and our staff is all committed to one goal: making a difference in your day.  We embrace education through regularly schedule seminars outside of classes and through our partnerships.

Most importantly, we are more than just a gym...we are a community that fosters long lasting friendships and create memories through endless social events! 

Craig and I are excited to share our knowledge gained over the past decade at CrossFit Balance and lead you in your fitness journey! 

-Danielle and Craig