INVEST IN YOURSELF.  You don’t have to be fit to start, but by starting you will become fit!

Who we are: We are moms and dads, kids, servicemen and women, firefighters, students, former athletes, and aspiring collegiate athletes who are all striving to improve! We are a fitness community that pushes each other to succeed and become better versions of ourselves.  We seek to provide the best hour of your day where you unwind, work hard, and have fun.  High five your friends and make news ones.  One rep at a time.  Welcome the sweat and always keep moving. Find your limits and push past them to discover your true strength and intensity.  Define and pursue your goals as part of one team, Mount Vernon CrossFit.

CrossFit and our workouts: We create a conditioning program by blending weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance training, all while building general physical prepardedness for lives' challenges.  We do this by incorporating functional movements in a variety of ways, soo that we never plateau.  We are constantly challenged based on this creative and effective approach and have fun in the process.  

Our class workouts are led by coaches and include relevant mobility and warm-up prep (general and activation), movement review, and the workout of the day. Our mission is to educate, motivate, and provide a supportive environment for you to progress in! 

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!



8459 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22309

The gym is set back from Richmond Highway (Route 1) in the Uno Plaza shopping center behind Holly, Woods & Vines, and the Bestway.

Hours vary, please visit programs page for more detailed information

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