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Mount Vernon CrossFit



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Supportive community, engaging coaching and effective programming equals results!

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CrossFit : Workout of the Day

Multiple daily classes to choose from: click here to see our schedule

The Workout of the Day is our traditional CrossFit class. Coach led warm-up, mobility and skill instruction to prepare you for the workout. Our coaches are engaged throughout the entire class to monitor your form and motivate your performance.

FREE Trial Class- Saturday 10:15am.  Free classes are also offered at other times upon request.  Please email to schedule.  In a free class you will experience the scaled "workout of the day" and learn more about our community, program offerings, and membership options.


Open Gym


During our Open Gym, members are welcome to make up a workout they've missed or work on skills that they need to address with the assistance of our coaches who are present.

Endurance Programming

These are three posted workouts each week to be completed on your own. Perfect for those of you who can’t make it to the gym and can make it to a track or do at your home!

Personal Training

Kids Classes-Tuesday 4:00pm and Saturday 9am.

This is a 45 minute strength and conditioning class designed for kids ranging in ages of 8-13. Our objective is to expose kids to a fitness environment and for them to explore and develop a lifelong love for fitness! Kids will be led by CrossFit coaches in fun and engaging workouts, using functional movements that are fundamental to all things that kids do in play and in their future athletic endeavors.

Each workout will be organized by the following: warm-up, focus, "get ready," conditioning, skill, mobility. We will include interactive games, partner and team work at times in the warm-up and conditioning work based on the day. We want to engage, educate, and most of all make sure they are having fun!

Email Danielle to pre-register at

Both 10 Class Packs and Membership packages are available to apply for November and December.



Foundations- 2 Days

Tuesday and Thursday (Pre-registeration required. Email to schedule or coordinate private sessions or other times)
Tuesday- 6:30-7:45pm and Thursday 6:30-7:45pm.

Our starting place for beginners. The Foundations Course is a two day format. Our goal is to familiarize you with the fundamental movements and progressions in CrossFit, the methodology, warm-up and overall class structure, along with our system at Mount Vernon CrossFit. 

*This is included in your first month of membership or may be purchased separately aside from membership.

Conditioning Classes

Tuesday/Thursdays at 7:15am and 6:30pm Thursday (45 minutes in length)

Looking for a total body workout?  These are designed for those looking to optimize their endurance and overall fitness outside of CrossFit classes.  No experience is needed and suitable for all fitness levels.  All you need is the desire to get fit! 

Conditioning classes will NOT incorporate heavy strength training or barbell work that is found in our CrossFit classes.  These can be approached as a program outside of the regularly class workouts, and or something to compliment your current CrossFit training, or as a gradual progression mentally into our CrossFit program.  

Our workouts are designed each week based on the following themes in order to ensure that all of our participants get the most well rounded training possible:

  • Intervals

  • Bodyweight movements

  • Endurance

  • Benchmarks

  • Core cash out prescribed